daleth compagnie

Daleth company was created by David Boullen, outgoing of Fratellini school.

He gathers the artists in various fields going of the magic, with arts of the circus while passing by the theatre, the stilts and the spectacles of fire. Extended from the services suggested and thus very vast, that it is an artist solo or a spectacle implying a fifteen artists.

Thanks to the presence of a costumer in the company, the creation of costumes can be under consideration on request of our client.

The topics of predilection of the company are imaginary fantastic, the fairy-like one and l’ heroic-fantasy.



7 cours Balzac
77140 Nemours

Tel : + 33 (0) 164 29 16 36
Mobile : + 33 (0) 687 02 61 44



daleth compagnie

Before creating his company, David has 15 years of experience as independent artist in the fields of the comedy and the circus: Theatre of the Wire in 90/91, Fratellini school in 92, festivals (Avignon, Aurillac…) with the character of Daleth.

Then the will to increase extended services leads it to found its own company gathering of the stilt walkers, clowns, jugglers, magicians, actors, dancers and musicians.

Since, the company intervenes on multiple occasions adapting its spectacles according to the needs.

daleth compagnie

Some references

daleth compagnie

Disneyland Paris (the Every years on October 31 for Halloween),
Hotel Hilton (fantastic spectacle) 2009,
Montferrand (medieval festival) 2005,
L’ Oréal Paris 2004,
Tall Ship Race 2004,
Race of the Barber,
Animations in various cities (Jean, Christmas trees Holy, sports events and cultural),
Crossroads (commercial animations),
cultural Festival of China 2002,
invited by Embassy of China 2001,
Arte – FranceTélévision 1999,
International Tunisia Exchange 1997,
Arte TV 1996,
Dragons and Magician 1995,
Franco-African festival (Senegal)…