Abriko the clown

The Director: “Abriko?”
Abriko: “Yes?”
Mr Director: “Want to do a great show?”
Abriko: “Ah yes, a great pestakle”
The Director: “Well it’s now.”
Abriko: “But what is it like spestakle?

Children’s show
With David Latini (Abriko the Clown)
And Reynald Delozé (the Technician)

That is the whole question.
Abriko, convinced that it is a carnival, trains the public in a feast of the Fools, a competition of grimaces, juggling and antics medieval tinted. With the children, we reinvent the Court of Miracles …

But the Director is never happy with Abriko. It will turn him into a jerk – and even a bourricot! – throughout the show, but Abriko, with the complicity of the children will know how to revolt, get out of all situations, without alas alas the ridiculous … peculiar to the clown.
A touching and funny character, who immediately obtains the adhesion of the children and draws them into his universe.

Technical sheet :

Duration: 45mn
Gauge: All gauges (sound actor)
Public Age: 4 to 444 years old
Sound device: autonomous sound, microphone HF, soundtrack
Device light: autonomous light (6 pars, small organ game)
Decorations: screen, fabrics, light decor
Height: adjustable
Dimension tray: adaptable (desired 4m on 6)
Type of room (adaptability): Maximum adaptability. The actor descends into the public, and vice versa.
Street: Yes, if good conditions. (Public sitting, quiet place)

Other to know :

Abriko uses the children of the public to make 3 scenes of the show. (Access scene-public) Abriko the Clown has played already a hundred times