Adventures of skouiik

Adventures of skouiik the squirrel. Skouiik is small squirrel which wants to pass a magic door, but impossible to pass the magic door to go in the kingdom of the fairies.

Zorus the magician will help the small squirrel to pass 3 tests to be able to return in the kingdom.
Caution! To the last test, Skouiik will face the malicious one and impressive guard.

Children’s shows

daleth compagnie skouiik magie

Data sheet

  • Duration: 45mn. Measure: All gauges (wired for sound actor)
  • Old public: from 4 to 120 years.
  • Device sound: autonomous sound system, micro HF, bandages sound
  • Device light: autonomous light (6 leave)
  • Decorations: folding screen, fabrics, light decoration
  • Height: adaptable
  • Dimension plate: adaptable (wished 4m on 6)
  • Type of room (adaptability): Maximum adaptability.
  • L’ actor goes down in the public, and conversely.
  • Street: Yes, if good conditions. (public sitting, place calms)