Poulaille and son

Spectacles for any public.

2 versions of the show :

  • The theater version: 1 h 20 mn, 3 artists and 2 technicians.
  • The street version: 1 h 20, 3 artists and 1 technician.

Ange, Séraphin and the little Cherubin Poulaille live very quietly, educated with love by their parents chicken breeders.
The tragic end of their parents triggers in the three brothers in revolt a thirst for profit, motivated by revenge against the gallinaceous gente.
One does not become n ° 1 without reasons, the Poulaille sons took their revenge on a destiny too cruel, and although orphan, they made of a small exploitation an example of company that wins: The chicken with 6 thighs , It’s them, The minute chicken, it’s still them, The rabbit-hen (who lays eggs), it’s always them …
A dish, a find, thank you Poulaille! But how far will the brothers Poulaille go? In spite of its light tone, there is a cry of alarm behind this spectacle, which warns us about the dangers of an “Apocapoulypse”